Screaming Peacock Coffee

Our Story

After graduating together from Flagler College, Craig and Stacey embarked on their caffeinated journey when they launched their first coffee shop in 2010. Within a quick five years, they set their sights on a second location and expanded their retail operations. By utilizing creative design, repurposed construction salvage & shear determination they restored a vacant, century old building into a cozy café. Their previous successes paved the way for their newest development in 2020 – a premier coffee roasting facility just steps from where they first met at Flagler College.

And it is within that new structure that Craig and Stacey now operate a small-batch, specialty roastery, customizing artisan coffees within screaming distance of the Fountain of Youth peacocks.

Coming full circle, they have moved their company headquarters and officially launched Screaming Peacock Coffee back in the historic city of St. Augustine, Florida.

Check out the Florida Times Union feature article on our brand!

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